How to protect the printed circuit board after assembly?

       Conformal Coating material is a thin polymeric film to protect the board’s components. Normally the thickness of the transparent film is about 25-250um. It is applied to the assembled printed circuit board to protect against chemicals, moisture, dust & mould.

    The polymeric is non-toxic and the solvent used meets the requirement of environment-friendly.

    The working environment of the electronic devices varies. And in some cases the printed circuit boards  are exposed in the humidity and that would lead accelerated ageing for the components.And the conformal coating can help a lot.

    Even in the damp circumstances the conformal coating  still gets good electronical insulation.

Wide working temperature range:  -45℃-150 ℃

    Easy Operation. A sprayer is good enough.

    What is the most: COST EFFICIENT.

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