US-China Trade War Impacts the price of electroincs

     The trade war between United Sates and China goes on, with the Trump administration announcing a 25% import tariffs on approximately $200 billion worth of goods from China, and China responded with an extra import tariffs on about $60 billion goods from the US.  

     We can find the connector、capacitor、diode、ICs listed. The increase incomponent cost will eventually hit the supply chains of electronics manufactures in both parties (especially for the small & medium companies) and will force higher retailed prices. 

     In Guangdong Province China, many electronic gadgets fabricated and assembled there. And lots of them are ordered from the American and European clients. The tariffs hurt global consumers. As China is expanding the imports from other countries.  The China International Import Expo being held 5th Nov.-10th Nov is a good sign to the world to promote common prosperity of the world economy and global trade.

     Every year China imports about $150 billion worth of components from the US.  China, known as World Factory, is serving consumers all over the world through global trading.  The trade war between the two giants: USA and China, is never good. To stop it, the sooner the better!

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