Why most SMT plants would say "No" to sample or small batch orders?

Many of the clients raised the question: Why most SMT plants would say "No" to small assembly orders? Obviously the SMT plants break the "customer

oriented" promise which they're always boasting about, angry customers shouted.

Fury won't do any help in solving the problem. And we need to sit in peace and learn why it would be so . If you have ever get a chance to visit a SMT plant,

 not just a glace, maybe you would be more patient with the problem. With the development of technology, the Pick and Place Machines are equipped

with more spindles(heads) 、feeders and high efficiency! Some data would be helpful to understand it better: 24 Spindles, 39,000 chips Per Hour.

With so high speed why they deny to help a bit with the small batch or sample orders, another shout was heard. Hmm, that is true but not the whole story.

The engineer need to "tell" the Pick and Place Machine to pick the component (of course you need to order a certain spindle to act) from a certain feeder and put it to the coordinate it's supposed to be (right place and right angle). That is the Pick and Place Programming work, and after that the workers would start to install the feeders, not randomly, they need to install as the program required, before that the components needed to be checked and fixed in the feeders. Even during the assembly process, the

workers need to stand by the machine just in case when it come to a stop and do the checking thing.

For every order,the very first assembled board will be inspected with great care. After approval, go on with the rest ones.

Now maybe you can see the reasons: For a sample orders or small ones, when thinking about the time and human resources input, the efficiency would be so low!

In O.Henry's lovely story of "The Gift of the Magi",the sacrifices and understanding between each other is the most moving part.And maybe we can learn something even in the business!


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