About Spacing Between V-cut Lines

    In order to make full use of the substrate materials and improve the working efficiency of the following assembly process,the Printed Circuit Boards are normally fabricated in panels(dozens of identical units in the same panel, the quantity depends on the size of each unit).

     After the assembly process, the big panel board will be break into single identical units using PCB depanelizers. And mostly the units are connected in 2 ways.

1. Stamp Holes

2. V-cut Lines

      Now we come and talk about the 2nd one.  

      As we can see on the pic above, V-cut design applied.

And there are some questions about it.

Q1. Can we use the 0 spacing V-cut technique to connect the units and it seems much economic?

       Yeah, it seems much  economic and easier. While the burrs will be found surrounding every single

board. And it would be impossible to fit in the plastic cases as most of the electronic gadgets are becoming smaller in size. With the route slots designed, the burrs can be reduced to the most.

Q2. How about the spacing between the V-cut Lines?

       Mostly the spacing required would be more than 2mm.Of course negotiations with the fabrication houses would be the best, to meet the mini. requirement and there would save you budget.

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