Copper Block Embedded Printed Circuit Board

Copper Block Embedded is quite a new and practical solution for high-frequency electronic designs. 

To cut it short maybe the best way ever to the heat-dissipation problem. 
Now I would like to give an example to introudce the technique.

See the stack-up below: 

The substrate material we're using is Rogers 4003C(double-sided). Actually just one layer of copper needed from the substrate. So we applied the etching process and only one layer of the copper left . In the stack-up  illustration, the Rogers 4003C material refers to the substrate after etching process.

The most important process then is the lamination, to combine the substrate with the copper block. The pre-preg is well heat- conductive and electrically insulated. 

This is just a simple introduction about the technique. And I leave out the most parameters during the fabrication process. 

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