PCB & the Automation of the Industry

Key words: Steady growth, higher automation level, production capacity concentrate


In recent years, with the recovery of economic situation, the global printed circuit board (PCB) market have kept a steady growth. With the increasing demand for consumer electronics market, Asia gradually becomes the main production base, China being the world's largest PCB producer. In the product structure, multi-layer & vehicle-mounted still account for the majority.

Technically, Chinese manufacturers and overseas manufacturers have no particular difference between each other. The future competition would lie on the degree of automation: the ideal automated production line can save up to 50% labor costs, the yield can be improved to 98%.


Higher threshold for the Automatic construction

Compared with the traditional PCB factory construction, the key to a new automated production line is the training to the employees of automated machine maintenance. According to the domestic(China) industry average level, in order to make the new plant within one year to achieve full production capacity, most manufacturers would adopt sub-implementation of the program. About 80% of the standard equipments will be  procured domestically, the remaining non-standard equipments need the participation of suppliers.

 The change of FPC manufacturers just around the corner


With the increasing needs by the domestic(China) market for smart phones, flex printed circuit boards(FPC) meeting the requirement for the product design, processing technology  will be the trend for the industry. At present, the main application areas of FPC are: mobile phone, LED and vehicle-mounted connectors. And there are still gaps with overseas high-end areas of application in material research and development, engineering and process applications.


China's major FPC manufacturers continue increasing R & D investments and expand production capacity at the same time, through acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions with overseas oversea companies with technology advantages focusing more on the high value-added products. Technological breakthroughs in the multilayer, wireless charging, fingerprint identification, dual camera module and the car-mounted products are supposed to occur in the following 3 to 5 years.

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