Prototyping and small batch orders will be the normal state

         We went to visit a SMT factory this afternoon and had a good talk with the director about the Printed Circuit Board Assembly Business.

        We asked about the market positioning strategie .The director told me with a big smile, " Most of the orders are from overseas clients,just for prototyping and only for prototyping. Maybe it is quite different from most of the SMT plants in China  who prefer mass production orders. Now the market is changing so fast and most clients wont order a certain product in big quantity unless it is welcome in the market. They want a faster response and lower cost! While most factories did not realise the changes in the market!

          They get the samples and mass production in the same plants or the same SMT line. And it would cause the trouble for the production allocation.

           Most orders are for the prototyping or small batch(different designs will come the market with relatvely smaller quantity than before.

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